When you own regalia that you look forward to wearing, the best version of you is presented in your attitude and in your prayer. You end up better focused, at ease, and ready to take on the present moment. I'd like to help you feel even closer to these ideas. More comfortable in your own skin and even proud.

I am a mixed-blood, off-reserve, non-status, First Nations woman. My family has reclaimed our culture and thanks to the efforts of my mum, I have been in ceremonies since I was very young. I am an active member of my spiritual community, a grandmother’s helper and a Sundancer of 9 years. 

I have been sewing professionally and for my spiritual community since 2006. I hold a BFA in costume design and technology and have worked in costume shops at multiple regional theaters. For many years I worked as an assistant to a master dressmaker, making costumes for off-broadway shows in New York City. Afterwords, I was the bridal alterationist at a bridal boutique in Ottawa, Ontario for several years. 

Ultimately, I found that I am the most fulfilled when helping my Indigenous community, sewing garments that help someone on a spiritual, ceremonial level.  The desire to help the people in this way was the ultimate inspiration to start Sacred Tree Sewing. I feel that the creator has led me to this place, right now. If I am able to help clothe you on your spiritual journey, I would be honored to do so.