When will I receive my order?

*All ribbon skirts that are pre-made will ship within 5-7 business days from the date the item is ordered. Then shipping times will apply. 
*Made to order items will typically take a few days to up to 2 weeks for your skirt or poncho to be created. Afterwords, once shipped, the time selected at shipping will apply. You will receive an email when your item ships. 

Can I wash it? How do I care for my skirt or poncho?

YES! You can wash them!
First turn your regalia inside out to protect the ribbons. 
Machine wash on COLD and hang or lay it to dry.
Do not use bleach. Do NOT dry clean your ribbon rain skirt or poncho.
You may use an iron on a low/medium setting to press out any wrinkles. 

How can I find out when you have new products?

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Hope to see you there!



What is rain regalia made out of?

A 100% recycled polyester softshell material that is lined with fleece. It is certified by REPREVE, a trusted supplier in recycled products, as this fabric repurposes single use plastics. 

If the fabric is made from recycled plastics, is it going to be comfortable to wear?

This material has been engineered to be breathable for comfort. It is not stiff, it is soft to the touch, and is slightly stretchy for movement. You wouldn't know its polyester. 

What is its waterproof rating? 

This fabric’s waterproof rating (also known as W.P.R) is over 10,000, putting it in the “normal” waterproofing range.   

What is its flammability?

Most synthetic fibers are naturally flame-retardant, but will eventually melt when too hot. Synthetic fibers burn at a much higher temperature than natural fibers. This fabric will begin to melt at 150 degrees Celsius (302 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Having said that, please do not wear this skirt if you are a fire keeper at your sacred ceremonies.