Our Impact

With your help, together, we are able to make an impact.

For Every Garment Purchased,        One Tree is Planted.🌱

By partnering with One Tree Planted, together we are able to create change through reforestation. This incredible organization plants trees all over the world that are native to each location and monitors them as they grow, ensuring their survival.

Trees create habitats for more diverse local wildlife, purify our air and filter our water. Once trees are mature, they help reduce greenhouse gasses. I know this is not an instant fix to our global issue, but it IS creating change NOW to have an impact FOR THE FUTURE. 

It is so important that we consider the wellbeing of the next generations of all life. If we love our children and our families, how could we not. By participating in this way, we are actively planting roots for a more positive world for all. 

As humans, we share a symbiotic relationship with the trees on this planet and the more trees we have, the healthier we will be. 

One Tree Planted goes to great lengths to plant trees in areas that will have the most effective change, globally.

💚Currently, we are helping to plant trees where they are needed most.💚

 If you want to learn more about One Tree Planted, check them out HERE.

 🍎Compostable & Recycled Products

Sacred Tree Sewing is mindful to use earth friendly packaging and products that do not create more plastic waste, when applicable. By using compostable, reusable mailers and post-consumer paper products, we are able to make this happen. 
In addition, any and all fabric scraps that are leftover after the construction process are responsibly recycled. They are donated and then repurposed into products like carpet padding and upholstery stuffing.

Fabric for Rain Skirts is Recycled♻️

The material used to make Rain Skirts is a certified REPREVE product made from recycled plastics. We can help to curb the impact of  “one-use-plastics” by repurposing them into products that can be used over and over.

This fabric recycles 22 plastic bottles per meter that would have otherwise ended up in our oceans and landfills.

That’s pretty amazing and something worth celebrating. If you want to learn more about REPREVE click HERE.


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