Why do we wear regalia?

It is an important part of our cultural roots.

We wear it to be connected. 

Connected to our ancestors. Connected to our ceremonies, our clans, spirit guides, mother earth and even to ourselves. 

We wear it to get centered,

grounded and to spiritually fly. There is a calmness and focus that arrives when you dress in this way that affects all that you do and think. 

We wear our regalia for protection, like spiritual armor. 

Good thoughts and intentions go into every stitch in order to assist you on your journey. Traditional artisans are mindful when creating these pieces because they do not want negative emotions to go into your regalia. 

We wear it for strength. We wear it to remember. 

For a long time, many of our ancestors were silenced and not allowed to wear their traditional clothing or practice their ceremonies. When you wear your regalia you not only show up for yourself but you show up for them, honor their sacrifices and make them proud. When we show up at these special events and in our daily lives wearing ribbon skirts and shirts, it becomes a visual reminder for others that we are still here and we are many.

As so many others have said before me, 
“We are just picking up the pieces that were lost along the way.” 

We can still connect in these ways without regalia, absolutely 100%. Your inner light will shine, however you make that connection. I only mean to say that when we are able to adorn ourselves in similar ways to our ancestors...

We honor a deeper part of ourselves and where we came from. 

Every step we take toward reclaiming and keeping these ways alive matters.

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